Unparalleled registry transparency

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Know who's buying, who's selling, and prioritise your shareholder relationships with InvestorHub
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Simplify governance with InvestorHub

Effective governance shouldn't be limited by complex registry reports. InvestorHub simplifies shareholder reports to show the health of your registry and delivers early warnings that enable companies to prevent shareholder selloffs.

Grow your Chairman's List, effortlessly

InvestorHub automatically identifies high-net-worth investors and makes automated and targeted communications simple. Growing and nurturing your Chairman's List has never been easier.

Reach and engage 20x more investors

Companies on InvestorHub engage an average of 20-times more investors than through traditional IR. This is made possible through the interactive investor hub, targeted campaigns, and better shareholder data.

Better data and transparency

InvestorHub makes it easy to understand your shareholders. View shareholder buying and selling history, know who buys on-market and off-market, and receive early notifications if top shareholders start selling down.

Combined with access to shareholder communications history, InvestorHub provides a single source of truth about your shareholder engagement.

How InvestorHub helps boards


Nurture high net worths

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Build and nurture your Chairman's List with ease by combining data with targeted and automatable communications.


Engage more shareholders

InvestorHub companies reach and engage, on average, 20x more investors than through traditional IR.

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Better data & transparency

Get more shareholder data, view and track shareholder behaviour, and gain access to historical shareholder communications.

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I am impressed on how easy it is to view data and the simplicity of the layout and detail it provides.

Zeff Reeves | Managing Director of
Tesoro Gold

InvestorHub makes effective governance simple

Take control with more data

Gain unparalleled access to shareholder data, including trading history, contact information, and communications history.

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Simple and actionable insights

Know who's buying, who's selling, and who you should be picking up the phone and calling with simple and actionable insights.

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Engage up 20x more investors

InvestorHub companies engage, on average, 20x more investors than through traditional IR.

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The tools that help solve your
biggest challenges

Shareholder dilution

Build a community of high-conviction shareholders that protect dilution.

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Engage retail effectively

Reach and engage retail shareholders at the click of a button.

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Capital optimisation

Companies on InvestorHub raise more capital at a lower discount.

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Prevent selloffs

Receive early warnings and prevent shareholder selloffs before they happen.

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Share price momentum

Don't lose share price momentum ever again with a suite of tools to support growth.

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Market penetration

InvestorHub clients reach, on average, 20x more investors than via traditional IR.

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