Born from a deep understanding of the modern challenges issuers face

In 2022, our founders, Rhys and Ben, recognised that there was a systematic problem in equity markets that acted as a brake on the growth of public companies: inefficient shareholder engagement.

This insight was born from the experience of facilitating over 2,000 capital markets transactions with our sister company, Fresh Equities.

To address this problem, the team build InvestorHub: a product that makes it possible for companies to measurably grow their shareholder base and optimise their capital raise outcomes through better investor communications.

We call this approach to shareholder engagement investor marketing.

InvestorHub works. Since founding in 2022, we have helped 40+ ASX companies worth a combined $7.5bn in market cap reach and engage over 45,000 investors per month and raise over $77m in capital, all while spending less time on their investor relations.

We have a team of 30+ passionate humans who, whilst coming from all walks of life, are unified by our vision for no barriers to exist between companies and investors.

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What makes InvestorHub different?

We take pride in our reputation as being transparent, ethical, and curious in the pursuit of our vision for no barriers to exist between companies and investors.

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