How InvestorHub helped Tempest Minerals grow their shareholder base whilst navigating complex market conditions

"The insights and analytics provided by InvestorHub enables us to continue to grow our shareholder base despite difficult market conditions"
Don Smith, MD of Tempest Minerals

Tempest Minerals: Leveraging Shareholder Data To Support A Capital Markets Strategy

Tempest Minerals, an innovative exploration company based in Western Australia, boasts a diverse portfolio of projects in energy metals, precious metals, and base metals. 

With macroeconomic conditions requiring Tempest Minerals' team to undertake strategic adjustments, the executive team wanted to ensure that they had clear capital markets signals to help guide their strategic decision-making process and their communications strategy.

Cutting Through The Noise With InvestorHub

In their quest to navigate uncertain capital market conditions, Tempest Minerals turned to InvestorHub; an accessible investor marketing platform. 

InvestorHub empowered the company to consistently expand its shareholder base by providing Tempest with a concise, at-a-glance summary of its capital markets' health.

Enriching Investor Relations with Data-driven Insights

InvestorHub's detailed shareholder analytics allowed Tempest's management to genuinely understand their shareholders at a deeper level. 

With a more in-depth understanding, Tempest leveraged InvestorHub’s engagement features to effectively connect with and strengthen their relationships with shareholders. As a result, Tempest was able to reliably increase their shareholder base despite the challenging market conditions. 

Don Smith, MD of Tempest Minerals, shared his thoughts: "InvestorHub has been like a trusted navigator for our capital markets strategy. The highly accessible analytics and detailed shareholder information allowed us to develop an effective investor relations plan, ultimately growing our shareholder base."

A Success Story of Innovation and Collaboration

Kevin Xu, Associate Director at InvestorHub, remarked, "Helping Tempest Minerals adopt a data-driven approach to capital markets strategy has been a 2021 highlight. Watching their shareholder base grow despite macro-economic challenges demonstrates the power of data and insights in shaping capital markets strategy."

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