How Parkway leveraged InvestorHub to build engagement & acquire more shareholders

"Using InvestorHub has enabled us to be able to reach out and ensure all shareholders are up to date with the company's activities and operations, and they have equal access to management to raise any concerns, questions and provide feedback."
Bahay Ozcakmak, CEO of Parkway Corporate Ltd

Investor engagement has evolved.

Gone are the days when effective investor relations were limited to the top 20-plus institutions.

Retail investors, who are increasingly empowered by the global shift towards digital platforms that resonate best with their younger demographic, are now collectively major players in the registry and have demonstrated an ability to move markets swiftly, requiring company attention.

With that shift in investor dynamics, investor engagement has also evolved. 

From a once-a-year roadshow and a handful of investor meetings as the norm, public companies have observed that every announcement, digital interaction and company update is an opportunity to nurture shareholder relationships and maximise the number of investor leads at scale throughout the year.

But there’s more to this than just relying on inbound engagement.

Public companies need to ensure that they have the right tools with the appropriate mindset to responsively engage with and leverage these opportunities. And while that may sound straightforward, it requires a strategy.

Having the correct digital tools and channels in place ensures that when you take the time and effort to respond to inbound investor engagement, it creates the experience of a 1-on-1 interaction with many relationships at scale.

It’s why we’ve noticed that public responses on interactive investor hubs have triple the lead generation when compared to private ones.

InvestorHub and Parkway Corporate Ltd.

Our solution for public companies to efficiently respond to investor engagement at scale is the interactive investor hub, which centralises investor conversations in a company space, ready to be converted into higher-impact interactions, and shareholder analytics, which provides key points of context to drive meaningful investor interactions.

Parkway utilises both of these features to support its broader investor engagement strategy. Their holistic approach is that while material information and official disclosures are a major part of the investor experience, platforms like InvestorHub contribute to building an engaging ecosystem for investors to participate in year-round.

Who is Parkway? What's their view of the world? Their priorities. Their concerns. 

These are all valuable pieces of secondary information that provide investors with additional context, details about who they’re investing in, and most importantly, a consistent engagement cadence that fills the gaps between material news and ASX announcements throughout the year.

"Bahay, we've seen how you prioritise building an ecosystem for investors to access year-round, especially in the gaps between material news.
Could you explain why this is a focus for Parkway, and how you use InvestorHub to support this?"

Here's a perfect example.

2 June

Parkway uses its investor hub to answer a question publicly, and communicate an updated timeline for an upcoming independent research report. 

26 June

They publish the independent research report as an activity update in their investor hub, and traffic spikes to a monthly high.

By being transparent about the timeline in their public responses, they’ve been able to maximise investor anticipation and traffic.

28 June

Parkway publishes a follow-up activity update in their investor hub which shares a Stockhead article referencing the independent research report. 

The Result?

Throughout this, Parkway continued to proactively (and publicly) respond to investors to engage with as many relationships at scale.

InvestorHub's dashboard shows that, in the period of a month, Parkway had gained close to 200 new shareholders, had a trading volume of 200m shares or 10% of their registry and received hundreds of unique investor hub visits and thousands of views.

"Bahay, we’ve seen a real-world example of how Parkway uses responsive investor engagement in combination with consistent secondary content to build investor relationships.
What parts of InvestorHub were most useful in helping you achieve this?"

The importance of responsive investor engagement.

We’ve learned that Parkway proactively maintains newsflow via activity updates for investors and they prioritise investor engagement opportunities by answering questions publicly, for the benefit of their investors.

By taking these steps and ensuring that the effort they put in is maximised through the disclosure of public answers, Parkway has demonstrated a commendable use of responsive investor engagement as part of a broader company strategy to maximise engagement opportunities and maintain a genuine dialogue with their investors.

Bahay, with your experience with InvestorHub, would you recommend it to other public companies

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