Get more shareholders during reporting season

There's more to reporting season than just financial results and compliance with listing rules.

You can use this opportunity to attract new investors. Think about it, market attention is at its highest during reporting season and with an interactive investor hub you could be generating 33% more new shareholders by the end of season.

After helping dozens of issuers maximise their buyers, mitigate shareholder churn and understand their shareholder base better, we want to share our learnings with you so that all the hard work and valuable time you have put into creating reports don't go to waste.

Download your copy to find out how you can get more shareholders during reporting season by amplifying the work you have done through your investor marketing efforts.

You are only a few steps away from growing your shareholder base this reporting season. Download now!

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Use reporting season to your advantage


Use an interactive investor hub to distribute your reports & directly engage investors


Influence investor attention and convert it to investor demand


Send personalised communications to shareholders to keep you top of mind during reporting season

Effective shareholder engagement, at-scale

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