How a small-cap tech company used InvestorHub to unlock $5.4m in capital

Anonymous Tech Co: Unlocking $5.4M In Capital With InvestorHub

The interactive Investor Hub is a powerful tool companies can leverage to reach and engage their current and potential shareholders.

For one Aussie tech company, the power was unleashed in spectacular fashion, which resulted in more than 8,500 investors visiting their Investor Hub within a week of launch. 

Of the 8,500 investors who visited, 210 signed up to the Investor Hub and 100 self-identified as sophisticated investors.

Converting Investors Into Advocates

Word spread quickly among investor communities, turning many shareholders into advocates for the company's interactive approach. 

Through 70+ investor questions on the interactive announcement, the company significantly enhanced the impact of their communications. This led to 49% of investors reporting an improved understanding of the business.

Investor sentiment saw a notable improvement, with 35% of investors expressing their intention to purchase more shares following the announcement. These passionate investors also shared the Investor Hub within their networks, helping the company reach new potential shareholders.

Engagement worth $5.4m

Each sophisticated investor (s708) on a registry contributes an average of $54,000. With 100 Investor Hub sign-ups nominating themselves as sophisticated investors, the company unlocked access to an extra $5.4 million in potential capital.

Capitalise On Investor Engagement

The interactive Investor Hub empowers companies to engage directly with investors in a friendly and conversational manner. By leveraging our innovative platform, this InvestorHub client enjoyed unparalleled investor sentiment, a wider reach, and direct access to an additional $5.4 million in capital.

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