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Investor hubs bring companies and investors together, providing investors with easy access to information, as well as the opportunity to have a direct line of communication with the
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management team.
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An investor hub is how modern companies connect with investors.

Think of it as an investor community, where you can access every announcement and media release, ensure your that voice is heard by the
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team through the interactive Q&A system, and make it easier for
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to invite you to future raises and votes.

Whether you’re a seasoned shareholder or are simply interested in following our journey, we welcome you to the community.

Investors love interactive hubs.

“Personally I believe this is a great initiative by management, as they say in the announcement the purpose is to ensure that there is a platform for all investors to ask questions to AAA and the rest of the team.”
“Great idea with the interactive hub.
“The Investor Hub is really good to communicate directly with the AAA team. AAA also provides additional information that does not go through the ASX website.”
“It looks like they are listening to us shareholders. This sort of thing is Imo very proactive, and goes a long way in my belief of the people we have leading.”

Experience some real-life hubs

Be heard.

Interactive investor hubs allow every investor to be heard by management.

Be informed.

Interactive media and videos make it easier to be an informed
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Be included.

Investor hubs make it easier than ever for companies to invite investors to participate in raises and votes.
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