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Grow your registry faster with streamlined investor communication and intelligent investor insights.
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More shareholders, faster.

Companies on InvestorHub acquire new shareholders 33% faster than before using the product (and we launched in a bear market).

Investor analysis and segmentation

Whether you want to grow your chairman's list, want better insight into individual shareholders, or are looking to send more personalised investor campaigns, InvestorHub makes it possible.

Make your investor relations measurable

InvestorHub makes IR measurable through engagement analytics features that make it possible to connect investor marketing efforts to shareholder acquisition.

Raise sticky capital

InvestorHub clients have saved over $300k in broker fees whilst raising over $30m from retail investors. InvestorHub clients also experience a lower post-raise share selloff.

How InvestorHub helps management teams


Build buy pressure

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InvestorHub makes it easy to build sustained buy pressure from retail, sophisticated, and institutional investors.


More shareholders, faster

Catalyse the growth of your shareholder base through targeted communications that build a funnel of investor demand that converts into on-market and off-market orders.

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Measurable impact

Increase the conviction and understanding of current and prospective investors through interactive communications tools that make it simple to send targeted campaigns that make a measurable impact on shareholder demand.

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For the first time, a platform has allowed me as CEO to interact, communicate and market to my own shareholders in a simple & easy to use way.

I am very impressed with the product and have recommended it to other CEOs.

Iggy Tan | Managing Director of
Altech Chemicals

Increase investor demand without the middleman

Take control with data

Separate the signals from the noise with an investor demand dashboard that measures your investor demand in real-time

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Grow shareholder demand

InvestorHub offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help you attract new shareholders and retain existing shareholders.

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Raise more for less

Companies on InvestorHub raise more capital at a lower discount for less fees and with fewer selloffs.

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The tools that help solve your
biggest challenges

Shareholder dilution

Build a community of high-conviction shareholders that protect dilution.

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Engage retail effectively

Reach and engage retail shareholders at the click of a button.

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Capital optimisation

Companies on InvestorHub raise more capital at a lower discount.

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Prevent selloffs

Receive early warnings and prevent shareholder selloffs before they happen.

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Share price momentum

Don't lose share price momentum ever again with a suite of tools to support growth.

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Market penetration

InvestorHub clients reach, on average, 20x more investors than via traditional IR.

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