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Here's what your first 30 days on Fresh Amplify could look like

*Calculations based on Amplify product performance and the estimated size of your shareholder base


Value of high net worth investors identified


Shareholders with enriched data


Of new investment value identified


New shareholder & prospective investor emails


Hi Nic,

Fresh is a major sponsor at this years TechKnow Investor Roadshow.

The Fresh Amplify product is designed to help you narrow the disconnect between investor understanding and the underlying strategy of the company; and allowing you to deliver T20-level sales/marketing to all retail investors.

I thought I’d send this report across outlining the typical experience of our clients over the first 30 days on Amplify, based on your company size/shareholder base.

It would be great to connect in Melbourne around the event.


Build your investor community

Take control of your investor communications with the Investor Hub, a bespoke digital community that will allow you to directly engage your shareholders and prospective investors.

Using Fresh Amplify, one company was able to successfully capture an audience of 170 Sophisticated Investors, worth almost $4m in capital, via their Investor Hub!

Targeted shareholder engagement

The interactive shareholder dashboard on Amplify allows you to easily identify changes in investor behaviour or sentiment and respond quickly and effectively via email, post, or phone.

Using Fresh Amplify, one company was notified about a shareholder in their top 50 who was downsizing, and was subsequently able to contact them and prevent a total selloff.

Know your IR priorities every day

The hardest part of Investor Relations is knowing where to spend your resources. Amplify analyses your registry and Investor Hub data to identify your IR priorities and provides recommendations via a simple dashboard.

"For the first time, a platform has allowed me as CEO to interact, communicate and market to my own shareholders in a simple easy-to-use way.

I am very impressed with the product and have recommended it to other CEOs"
Iggy Tan, ATC

Decrease the cost of capital

The ultimate benefit of an engaged shareholder community is a lower cost of capital. Fresh Amplify allows you to run raises with smaller discounts, for lower fees, and with fewer post-raise selloffs.

Before Fresh Amplify, one company raised $2m at a 15% discount, with a 6% fee, and from 75% new money.

After Fresh Amplify, the same company raised $2.2m at a 2% discount, with a 0.5% fee, and from 20% new money.

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