How to use InvestorHub to acquire more shareholders

"Successful outcomes are more likely to occur when a raise isn’t treated as a 2-week process. The likes of Moelis and Barrenjoey have a reputation for being long-term strategic partners. This data reinforces the old adage that successful capital raises occur over a period of years, not days.

We built Fresh Amplify to enable issuers and their partners to raise capital using the same best-practice approach that Australia's top brokers and bankers use."

- Ben Williamson, CEO of Fresh Amplify
"A successful capital raise sets a company and its shareholders up for long-term success. In order to achieve this success, a company needs to be able to engage with its shareholders and the broader market over a period of years. This list just shows that those brokers with a reputation for strong client relationships and long-term planning are the same ones that consistently achieve strong results."
- Placeholder #1
"The past 24 months have shown us the risk of riding on the market's coattails. At some point, the market turns, and those companies and their partners that have pursued a strategy that includes shareholder engagement and effective market communication are the ones that continue to perform despite the conditions."
- Placeholder #2

InvestorHub is an effective tool for attracting and converting more new shareholders, engaging retail shareholders, and building your chairman’s list.

Because InvestorHub provides a data-driven approach to investor marketing, we’ve been able to analyse our client data to identify the most effective ways of acquiring new shareholders and engaging existing shareholders.

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InvestorHub tactics for acquiring new shareholders

Most paid media opportunities rely on the assumption that, after reading an announcement, watching a video, attending a presentation, or listening to a podcast, the audience will open their brokerage app and buy their stock on-market.

Just like how you won’t buy a car after seeing an advertisement on TV, investors don’t buy stocks after being exposed to them. In fact, research suggests that investors need to be exposed to an opportunity an average of seven times before they buy.

Make your hub launch an ASX announcement

Our CSM team provides you with templates to help you craft an ASX announcement that will drive investors to your interactive investor hub. This not only attracts new investors, but converts many existing shareholders into your hub, providing you with a richer set of shareholder data than what is typically available via a registry.

Use automated email distribution to push newsflow and announcements

InvestorHub’s automated email distribution feature means that every piece of newsflow is emailed to your existing shareholders and contact. This results in an average 2.2x more investor leads and hub signups than not distributing via email.

Directing paid media to hubs

By linking your media to your interactive investor hub, your company maximises its media spend ROI by capturing investor emails; also driving investors to your domain, where you control the narrative. This makes it easier to continue to communicate with investors and nudge them towards purchasing your stock on-market or during your next capital raise.

Include your investor hub at presentations

At the conclusion of investor conference presentations, including a link and a QR code to your hub makes it easy to capture investor attention and convert those interested into concrete and measurable investor leads. Whilst investors at conferences are there to invest, some might be on the fence, and by linking to your hub, you increase the chance of acquiring more shareholders.

Use hub signs at investor conferences

Your investor booth should proudly display a link to your investor hub via a QR code. As an InvestorHub client, we provide these signs to you as a part of our service at request, but you can also integrate these links into your tradeshow banner or any tablet/tv presentations you have.

Multiple hub entry points from your website

Most companies default to including their investor hub in their navigation bar, but the hubs that convert more investor leads are those that have hubs on multiple entry points on their website. This includes home page links and links in the investor centre.

Leverage social media & link to your hub

Your social media channels are an effective way to further the reach of your announcements and newsflow. Ensure that you link to your hub in all relevant social media posts and use the automated social media distribution feature that comes with InvestorHub.

InvestorHub tactics for reaching existing shareholders

Your existing shareholder who prefer physical communication (i.e. mail) are more than likely already engaging with your company, but the vast majority of people prefer digital media for investor communications.

Leveraging InvestorHub’s communications tools can help you increase reach and engagement of your existing shareholder base, creating a measurable impact on shareholder sentiment and buying behaviour.

Import existing shareholders from previous sources

Most companies have a chairman’s list, an email contact list, and lists of shareholders that participated in previous raises. InvestorHub allows you to import these contacts into your contact list, making it easier to communicate with them and measure the impact of those communications on sentiment and buying behaviour. Automated email distribution makes this even easier.

Send targeted campaigns using segments and tags

Consumer and B2B marketing has used personalised marketing communications for three decades now, but why is IR still adopting a “one size fits all” approach to investor marketing? With InvestorHub, it’s easy to target shareholders based on registry data (e.g. holding size) and contact information (e.g. sentiment or hub activity).

Companies using InvestorHub often target high-net-worth individuals, shareholders who are downgrading, and top 50 shareholders through InvestorHub’s integrated communications features.

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